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Mechanic Resurrection-Movie review 2016

Mechanic Resurrection full movie

Now released, “Mechanic Resurrection” Hollywood star Jason Statham celebrates “Mechanic: Resurrection” its resurrection as a professional killer. On the red carpet premiere here: Hollywood starlets like Jessica Alba or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Mechanic Resurrection Full Movie

Berlin – An assassin as good citizen – that can go wrong in the long run. Five years after “The Mechanic” returns action star Jason Statham ( “The Transporter”, “The Expendables”) returns in the role of the professional killer Arthur Bishop to the big screen. “Mechanic: Resurrection” – about: the resurrection of the assassin – is the sequel to the action-Kracher. And so much can be revealed before: This time includes a swimming scene of the most spectacular moments.

The British filmmaker Simon West ( “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”) turned “The Mechanic” in 2011 as a new interpretation of the filmed with Charles Bronson thriller “Mechanic” (1972). Director of “Mechanic: Resurrection” is the German Dennis Gansel. Born in Hannover filmmakers made previously with award-winning dramas like “Napola – Elite for the leader” and “The Wave”, but also the vampire movie “We Are the Night ‘attention. With “Mechanic: Resurrection” Gansel are now his Hollywood debut.

Beaches, dream woman and Nightmare enemies. These are the ingredients for Part 2 of the Bishop saga. Right at the beginning flies Bishops camouflage as “normal” Watch Mechanic Resurrection Full Movie Online boat dwellers in the port of Rio de Janeiro and the muscle-bound hero flees worth seeing by cable car and paraglider’s henchmen his nemesis Crain (Sam Hazeldine). Crain’s triple murder contract Bishop can not refuse at the end – you can read it the lives of its kidnapped by the villain new girlfriend Gina (Jessica Alba) at stake.

Until Statham can accumulate in top form, the film can, however, quite a bit of time. Instead of hard action, there are first glossy views of the various locales of Thailand through Malaysia to Australia – Jessica Alba as sexy Badenixe including on the beach. This has at times more like a promotional clip of the Tourist Office as an action movie. And Alba ( “Fantastic Four”) may then be used until the end of the film only as a decorative accessory.

Without the edgy charisma and the physical effort of the 49-year-old British Statham would “Mechanic: Resurrection” a real B-Movie. The stunts are indeed convincing, but the story is very simple. To save Gina, Bishop must kill three men: the cruel, very clichéd subscribed African Warlord krill, the nasty traffickers Adrian and the dubious arms dealers and submarine owner Max (Tommy Lee Jones, who reclaims his character is the only one comic page.

is grandiose elaborately hunted by Bishop especially the unscrupulous Adrian, who has a luxurious high-rise apartment with a freely floating above the abyss pool. After this perilous application Bishop escapes through the glass facade of the skyscraper. Otherwise come to a showdown on a yacht handguns, poisons and explosives of all kinds extensively used.

“Mechanic: Resurrection” is an action movie with a stoic despite Statham Mine irritatingly likeable professional killer, daring stunts and a balmy action. Compared to the first, adult “Mechanic” part the violent excesses were reduced slightly so that Part 2 has now received the FSK released from 16 years.

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